Race Behind Bars
Race Rules and
Chip Timing


Racing Rules:

  1. Racers must start in there proper respective CLASS
  2. Classes may be combined based on class size - (determined at first race).
  3. You must have your class number marked on your calf (or use seat post sticker).
  4. All racers must attend the pre-race safety announcements.
  5. Racers must finish the race riding, pushing, or carrying their bike.
  6. No short cutting of course is allowed. If you cut the course you must go back and re-enter where you left the course.
  7. Racers must complete all laps required for their category/class. Non completion of all your laps is a DNF.
  8. We reserve the right to combine classes under 3 racers.
  9. Racers are not permitted support from other racers or spectators.
  10. Racers may leave the course to make necessary repairs as long as they return to the course at the exact location where they left.
  11. Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances must be abided by at all times.
  12. NO headphones or earphones, MP3 players etc. are to be used anytime you are on the course. This will result in disqualification!
  13. Have fun! That is why we are out here :-)

Sportsmanship conduct: Bad/aggressive passing, Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Such behavior by any racer shall subject that racer's warning or immediate disqualification. This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director or co-director.

Racer protests must be filed in writing with the race director within 15 minutes of completing the race. In keeping with the atmosphere of our grass roots ideals all protests will be reviewed and amicably resolved by the parties involved with the ultimate decision made by the race director.


Each racer will accumulate points for each race in their particular class. Points will be awarded as follows: 

  • You will use your best two race finishes and must race at least two races for a Championship podium.
  • First place 50 points, second 49 points, third 48 points, fourth place 47 points etc.
  • Minimum of five points for starting a race.
  • In the event of a tie, the top placement will go to the racer who had the most firsts, then seconds, then thirds etc., then who did all three ( or at least two) races. If it's a full blown tie it goes to who beat who in the last race both racers raced together.
  • If you change classes you take only 90% of your points with you.
  • CLASS CHAMPIONS and final Series placement are determined by the total points accumulated in the Series (best 2 out of 3 races) and you must attend at least two races for a championship.
  • PLEASE KEEP YOUR NUMBER PLATE - It is yours for the Series and it has your timing chip on it.

Finish line, chip timing and number plates
You MUST be responsible for the following if you want to be scored.

  1. Be sure you are registered and start in the proper class.
  2. Your timing chip equipped number plate must be correctly attached to the front of the bike - on TOP and on the OUTSIDE of all cables and brake lines.
  3. After you cross the finish line STAY IN ORDER in the finish chute until your number is recorded and you have passed the video camera.
  4. If you do not finish the race, start or do all your laps please sign the DNF sheet.
  5. The timing chips are sensitive. You must stay at least 50 feet away from the finish area after your position has been recorded or your results may be in error.

There is only ONE acceptable way to mount
your chip equipped number plate:

Your number plate must be mounted on the front of your bike IN FRONT of all wires, cables etc. NOTHING can be in front of your number plate or the chip will not read properly

This is a good example of how to mount your number plate :-)

NONE of the following plates are acceptable, you will NOT get scored!